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Remote Deposit

Remote deposit is a feature contained within our online banking and mobile banking app. It allows users to make deposits by taking a photo of a check with a smartphone or tablet and send it to the bank. Deposits are posted to a specified FCCB account.

Who is eligible for remote deposit? How do I sign up?

FCCB customers are eligible to use remote deposit after they’ve held their account(s) in good standing for 90 days with no overdrafts, NSF (non-sufficient funds) fees, or returned checks. New customers can submit a request to enroll in remote deposit via their mobile app. Once approved, they will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions.

What are the requirements for the service?

Remote deposit users must first enroll in online banking. Afterward, the service can be accessed either through FCCB’s online banking or mobile banking app. The app is downloadable for free at the Apple Store or Google Play.

How do I get started?

  • Ensure that the check is made payable to you and all the required areas are filled out completely and appropriately.
  • Endorse the back of the check “For deposit only” followed by your signature.
  • Open FCCB’s online banking or mobile banking app and log in.
  • Select the “Make a deposit” tab and follow the prompts on the screen.

What types of checks can I deposit with remote deposit?

Domestic checks (drawn on or payable at or through a U.S. bank), money orders, Treasury checks, cashier’s checks, and traveler’s checks can be transmitted through remote deposit. Additionally, only items that are made payable to, and endorsed by the customer are accepted. International checks, remotely-created checks (whether in paper or electronic form), checks drawn against a line of credit, and cash are not accepted.

Are there any limits on the number of checks or dollar amount I can deposit?

Check number limits are as follows:




Daily limit



Monthly limit



Dollar amount limits are as follows:           




Daily limit



Monthly limit



When will funds be credited to my account?

If a deposit is made before 4:00 p.m. MT, the deposit will be credited to the account the same day. Deposits received after 4:00 p.m. MT will be credited to the account the next business day. (Every day is a business day except Saturday, Sunday, and federal or state holidays.)

FCCB’s general policy is to allow customers to withdrawal funds deposited in their account on the first business day after the bank receives the deposit. In some cases, the ability to withdrawal funds beyond the first business day may be delayed. If so, the funds will generally be available by the fifth business day after the day of the deposit. For additional details, please refer to the Regulation CC Funds Availability Disclosure.

What do I do with the check after I submit it for deposit?

Checks should be held in a safe place until they have posted to the account. Afterward, shred and properly dispose of the check, but not later than 14 days. FCCB recommends that users write “remote deposit” and the date of deposit on the front of the check to avoid duplicate deposits, as a reminder of when the deposit was made, and as a reminder to verify that it posted successfully.   

How will I know if my deposit has been received, processed, or rejected? 

Users will receive an email notifying them that their deposit was approved for processing, processed with an adjustment, contained a duplicate, or was rejected.

What if I submitted a deposit for the wrong amount? Do I need to resubmit it?

An incorrect amount error will likely be detected immediately, and prompt the user to correct it before it can be sent. If not, FCCB also reviews every remote deposit. If the wrong amount is entered, it will be corrected and an email regarding the adjustment will be sent to the user.

What if I mistakenly submit the same deposit twice?

If a duplicate deposit error is detected immediately, the user will be prohibited from submitting it again. If not, FCCB also reviews every remote deposit. If a duplicate deposit is submitted, it will be deleted and an email regarding the duplicate deposit rejection will be sent to the user.  

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

Stop by any location, or call during business hours at 855.547.3222 (toll free).