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Pre-paid MasterCard®

For more information on our pre-paid MasterCards®, fees, and examples of their many uses, download our MasterCard® overview. We are also available to demonstration this product to your staff. Please contact us if you're interested.

Payroll CardsFour Corners Community Bank's reloadable payroll MasterCard

  • Reloadable MasterCard®
  • Funds loaded to cards the same way pay is deposited for direct deposit
  • Employees do not need a bank account and do not have to undergo a credit check
  • One-time card setup fee is $4.00
  • Monthly maintenance fee is $3.00
  • Withdrawal funds at the bank or at the ATM

Expediting your payroll process can save you up to $223 per employee, per year. With pre-paid payroll cards, employers can switch from cutting checks to electronically depositing employees' payroll onto an FDIC insured MasterCard®. For employees who don't have a bank account for direct deposit, this is the perfect solution.

Prepaid CardsFour Corners Community Bank's general purpose reloadable MasterCard

  • Reloadable MasterCard®
  • One-time card setup fee is $4.00
  • Monthly maintenance fee is $4.00
  • Direct deposit load through the employer is free to the cardholder
  • No minimum to load
  • FCCB can load the card at the branch for $3.00
  • Withdrawal funds at the bank or at the ATM

Gift CardsFour Corners Community Bank's gift card

  • Non-reloadable MasterCard®
  • Load your gift card with any amount between $10 and $750
  • $5.95 fee per card to purchase
  • Cards can be purchased at any of our locations


Technical Support

FCCB uses TransCard to offer this service to our customers. If you are experiencing issues with your MasterCard® or would like to check your balance you can do so at or call customer service at 1.800.416.6373. Their bi-lingual customer support team is available around the clock and is committed to responding to your questions quickly and resolving your issues efficiently.

If your card is lost or stolen, you won’t lose your money. You’ll get a replacement card containing your remaining balance* and you’ll enjoy MasterCard Zero Liability protection from any unauthorized purchases.**

*Certain limitations apply.  
**Certain restrictions apply.
Click here for MasterCard's Zero Liability Protection