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Getting Real With Durango Market President, Shawn CandelariaDurango Market President, Shawn Candelaria portrait

Welcome to and Four Corners Community Bank. If you landed here, you probably clicked on our new outreach program that focuses on our bank being the bank for you “Four All The Right Reasons!”

Here’s why we are Four Real. Four Good. Four Sure. Four Life! With the recent changes in banking in the Durango market, Four Corners Community Bank has emerged as the only truly LOCAL option for banking in our community. We know this can be a bit confusing, because the word “local” has become a term that really needs some definition. Here’s what I mean...


To us, being local means we were started and have continued to grow in this region—the Four Corners. Our bank was founded in Farmington, NM in 2000, and now has seven locations serving Durango, Cortez, and Aztec too.


To us, being local means decisions are made right here. Our board members and leadership team live and work in the Four Corners, meaning our loans, community support, and philanthropic involvement are aligned with the unique needs and culture of the communities we serve.


To us, being local means your money stays local. When you entrust us as your bank, your money stays here too. This enables us to make loans that fund the projects and people that contribute to our collective wellbeing. It’s why we have a circle in our logo: because your deposits circle back into the community through business and consumer loans, as well as donations and sponsorships for our many local nonprofit organizations.


We would love to welcome you to our bank…four all the right reasons! To help guide you, we have a Switch Kit to help get you started. Or you can call me personally at 970.828.1442 and we can set up an appointment to get you started.