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Big lending power. Small town rhythm.

AnnMarie’s Dance Academy


Since fall of 2013, AnnMarie Bean has offered dance instruction to children ages three to 18—from ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pointe, contemporary, lyrical, acrobatics, to webcasted lessons from a partner studio in California. She teaches combo classes for the younger dancers along with instructing a team that competes regionally. Four Corners Community Bank works in sync with its business customers, providing the support to focus on their own rhythm.   

AnnMarie became a Four Corners Community Bank customer when she opened the academy. “Everyone is so personable,” she said. “I’m always greeted and can get all my questions answered.” Aside from business banking she also uses QuickBooks for her bookkeeping. “It’s so nice to have my bank accounts set up within QuickBooks,” she said. “We don’t have to worry about balancing things out, because the money goes into my account automatically.” AnnMarie also uses the invoicing features available within QuickBooks in conjunction with FCCB’s bill pay. “It’s handy for my customers because the bill pay feature allows them to pay via direct deposit or credit card, and it’s good for me because their payments go directly into my account and is reflected in QuickBooks in real time.”

AnnMarie also uses FCCB’s fraud text alert service. She often purchases costumes online and was used to receiving alerts confirming their legitimacy. “The first time I got a fraud text alert for something I hadn’t purchased, it was for movie tickets in Minnesota. The second time for dinner in New York,” she said. After confirming the transactions were fraudulent, they were promptly removed from her account, and she received a new debit card within a week. 

AnnMarie's Dance Academy logo

1902 East Mojave Street

Farmington, New Mexico


Recital: May 13 at Piedra Vista Theatre

Now enrolling for six-week summer program



Big lending power, small town family.

Johnny O’s Spudnuts


The Stowell family—including Kevin, Debbie, Scott, Kyle, and Anthony—opened Johnny O’s Spudnuts in August of 2016 to an overwhelming crowd of enthusiasts. A line of cars and people circled the building and continued down the street, all awaiting their own famous, fluffy potato-flour doughnut. “We didn’t expect the response to be as great as it was,” said Kyle, who sold 10,000 dozen spudnuts in the first week. Farmington residents from more than a half century ago likely remember the original Spudnuts which opened in 1946. Kevin and Debbie Stowell purchased it in 1975 and ran it for 15 years. “We grew up at Spudnuts,” said Kyle. “We used to have kids who took half-dozen bags on their bikes and sold them throughout the town.” The shop is still largely a family affair; the Stowell’s son, Anthony, manages the store. They continue to purchase the flour from the original mill in Salt Lake City.  

“Banking with Four Corners Community Bank has been amazing from getting us started to keeping us going on a daily basis. They’ve always been friendly, helpful, and supportive,” said Kyle. “The process to get us started was easy. We were always informed of what was happening. We could not have asked for a better experience.” In fact, Kyle says their experience with FCCB has been the best they’ve ever had with a bank-ever. “I don’t know that another bank would’ve taken the risk, but FCCB shared our vision and trusted us,” he said. “We were happy that the bank and the board could see the potential. I think it helped that a few board members remembered the nostalgia of our parents’ store.” 

Johnny O's Spudnuts logo

509 East 20th Street | Farmington, NM




Big lending power. Small town trust.

Process Equipment and Service Company (PESCO)


Since 1970, the Rhodes family has designed, manufactured, distributed, and serviced solutions for the oil and gas industry worldwide. “Companies can present their well conditions to us and we’ll tailor a solution for them,” said PESCO President and CEO Kyle Rhodes.

PESCO came to Four Corners Community Bank during the oil and gas downturn, at which time PESCO leadership made the decision to retain as much staff as possible; they wanted to be prepared when conditions improved. “Four Corners Community Bank came into play because we needed a partner to help us when business ramped up in the oil and gas industry. And they really stepped up and became the partner we needed, working very quickly and efficiently,” said Kyle. “It was a good move for us. We should’ve done it a lot sooner. They understand the area and they understand who we are. It has turned out to be a very good relationship and we trust the leadership.”

Vice President Jim Rhodes believes the bank’s local directorship makes all the difference. “They’re local people with local knowledge. We know them and they know us,” he said. “They’re not controlled by some corporate office elsewhere. Decisions are made here.” Kyle, like FCCB, believes that character goes a long way. “Aside from her banking industry knowledge, I think [FCCB President and CEO], Sheila Mathews has strong values. She’s a strong values-based leader, is active in the community, and works hard,” said Kyle, who also feels strongly about being engaged in the community. “PESCO is successful because of everyone here, from the staff to the community.” Jim agrees, adding that family is at the heart of the business. “We’re about more than making money. It’s more about supporting our family and our community.”   

Process Equipment and Service Company logo

5680 US 64 | Farmington, NM