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Featured Business Customer Stories

Heart makes us different. 

Winks Specialty Restoration

A positive customer experience

ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, John Winkley, opened Winks Specialty Restoration in September 2008. “I started my business with the hopes of providing a positive customer experience, so people would feel less isolated once they’d give up their keys,” said John. “I like to show customers exactly what is going on with their car, and talk in-depth about repair options.” John operates out of a custom-built shop in Cedar Hill, New Mexico.  

His earliest automotive memories are of watching his dad assemble and troubleshoot carburetors. “He explained a lot of concepts to me, and I read many of his old training manuals,” said John, who received his formal automotive education at Montana State University-Northern. After graduating from its four-year program, John worked in a dealership for a few years and started competing in automotive troubleshooting contests. John excelled which led to a job at San Juan College and his relocation to the area.

John now specializes in Subaru repair, his interest in which developed in the 80s. “Many technicians were uncomfortable working on them,” said John. “They’re a wonderful design, different than most other cars, and their product line is limited to a few basic models.” John also appreciates that Subaru takes measures to protect the environment and is a generous charity supporter. As an official Subaru Ambassador, John acts as a liaison and voice between vehicle owners and Subaru headquarters.  

A furry calling

Outside of cars, John and his wife, Mary, are also passionate about animal rescue and welfare. Mary—who is actively involved with San Juan Animal League—volunteers to assist with the organization’s efforts to provide low-cost spay and neuter services and vaccinations, education, emergency services, and reduce the euthanasia rate of adoptable animals. Although they have many pets of their own, they often foster or rehabilitate several as well. They come from a variety of sources, each either abandoned, homeless, found on the road, or acquired as result of other unfortunate circumstances. “There are too many animals that need a helping hand,” said Mary. She stresses the importance of spaying and neutering to decrease unwanted animals and euthanasia. “There is a lot of help in this county,” she said. “Contact the San Juan Animal League for information and referrals to the extensive resources that are available.”

Supporting small business

“As a small business owner, I like promoting local businesses myself,” said John, who feels the Four Corners area is rich with such businesses, and goes out of his way to support them. “Four Corners Community Bank is innovative and approachable compared to others,” he said. “I like that when I call I speak to someone locally, I usually know who it is, and I’m usually only one transfer away from getting what I need.” John—who has banked with FCCB since 2006—says he likes the direction the bank is going, such as the new Durango branch for example. John recommends FCCB’s online banking and bill pay (including personal payments) to other businesses. “I use online banking all the time,” he said. “My personal and business accounts are linked so I can easily chose which one I need. I don’t have to worry about anything—all of my banking needs are met.”

Winks Specialty Restoration

39 Road 2390 | Aztec, NM 87410



Real people make us different.

Aztec Well Servicing Company (AWS)

A family business 

The Aztec Well family of companies provides complete oil and natural gas drilling, well servicing, trucking, rentals, equipment, support services, and supplies. Since 1963, this conglomerate was born during the basin’s original oil boom by Wayne and Sally Sandel and their son (now president), Jerry Sandel. “My grandfather came from nothing,” said third generation and AWS Vice President, Jason Sandel. The original yard owner, J.P. Gibbins graciously co-signed along with Wayne and Sally to secure the yard. “Gibbins took care of his employees, and that is still very much what drives us today,” said Jason. “Our employees are our family. They’re the ones who make it possible for each and all of us to drive our cars and turn our lights on at night.”

The ancillary branches grew out of AWS’s need for self-sufficiency, and to keep prices low for its customers. While his employees remain a primary focus, Sandel says he also enjoys the variety of work that each of the businesses present. “We see such a large and varied volume of daily activity, we constantly have to apply ingenuity to address challenges every day-and that’s what keeps it exciting,” he said. Through boom and bust Sandel says perseverance and hard work have allowed AWS to remain successful. They’re also heavily involved within the community, including giving to San Juan College Foundation, San Juan Open Golf Tournament, and Boys and Girls Club of Farmington.

As one of the largest employers in the county, Sandel feels they have an important impact on the local economy. “We’re here for the community, and Four Corners Community Bank is here for us,” he said, citing his experience with larger banks’ lack of involvement. “FCCB is the support system that enables us to keep going, thereby serving the community as a whole.”

Services you can trust

Aztec Well Servicing Company recently transitioned its entire business banking relationship to Four Corners Community Bank. “They came through for us during a difficult time,” said Sandel. “The support from Sheila [president and CEO] and the board was immense. We couldn’t ask for anything more of their leadership and management.”

Like AWS, Four Corners Community Bank prides itself on having the knowledge and resources to deliver reliable service, combined with the care and timely responses of a locally-owned business. “The customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to make sure our needs are taken care of are essential to us,” said Sandel. For example, he recalls accommodations that were arranged so that his staff could continue their work in the field despite being in another state. “There was no disruption in our operations,” said Sandel. “We were easily connected with the right person to help us. This is essential for a business like ours.”

“FCCB offers a number of products that rival those at big banks such as mobile apps, payroll cards, and payment options. We plan to use even more of them in the near future,” said Sandel. “They have everything we need.” Sandel also recently refinanced his home through FCCB’s mortgage department. “I thought it was ironic that the day I received a personal letter from FCCB’s mortgage lender, I also received a generic, computer-generated letter from a large bank with no real person to contact,” said Sandel. “That is just one example that demonstrated the importance FCCB puts on relationships with its customers. Our intent is to bank exclusively with Four Corners Community Bank.” He and Jerry are in the process of moving their personal accounts to FCCB, and encourage their employees to do the same. “They go the extra mile to make sure we have everything we need, and we get a sense of a constant level of care, personalization, and special attention.”

Aztec Well Servicing Company logo

300 Legion Road
Aztec, New Mexico 87410
505.334.6194 |


Responsiveness makes us different. 

Big Red Tool, Inc. and Wellcheck of Farmington, Inc.

Superior service

Originally established in 1973, Kyle and Kerri Sandoval purchased Big Red Tool from Kyle’s grandparents—Ken and Wanda Britton—in 2009. They sell, distribute, service, and maintain wellheads and related services to oil and gas companies throughout the Four Corners. “We’re the largest independent wellhead operator in the San Juan Basin,” said Kyle. In 2011, the Sandovals purchased Wellcheck of Farmington which provides hydrostatic pressure testing services, also the largest independent company of its kind in the basin. Together, the team of 12 provide 24-hour superior service.

“If our customers have an issue, they don’t call a call center,” said Kyle, regarding what makes Big Red Tool different from its larger competitors. “If there’s an issue, they’ll call me directly and we’ll fix it ourselves. We have very personal, lasting, one-on-one relationships with our customers.” Kyle says their level of accommodation and high-quality equipment keeps their customers coming back. “Big Red Tool and Wellcheck are the most reliable and professional wellhead and testing companies in the basin,” said Kyle. “And we’ve hired a great team to keep it that way.”

Big town service, small town attention 

Like Big Red Tool, Four Corners Community Bank is locally owned and operated, allowing for direct contact, close customer relationships, and a personalized banking experience. The Sandovals said they turned to FCCB because timeliness and quick turnaround were necessities for them. “When we need a loan or to use our line of credit for equipment, the process is instant and easy compared to other banks we’ve used,” said Kerri. “I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than an hour before the funds are available. If we need anything we just make a call and it’s done. The response time is so fast.” Kerri says this responsiveness enables them to do the same for their customers. “If we get our equipment quickly, we can help our customers quickly.”

The Sandovals also stress the importance of banking locally. “It’s important for us to be at a local bank that understands what a roller coaster the oil and gas industry can be,” said Kerri. “It’s imperative that they understand the economy and aren’t afraid to issue a loan when it’s struggling.” The Sandovals also say they appreciate that FCCB’s board is made up of local community members. “We know them and they know us, so it’s a no-brainer for us to bank with them,” said Kerri. “They’re our kind of people.” Kyle was also impressed by a visit from their loan officer. “When our lender [Clete Berens] came to see us, it was the first time a banker had ever taken the time to tour our facility, interested in learning about what we do at Big Red Tool,” he said. “It’s nice to see your banker working as hard as you are.”  

“I also love to see that the bank is expanding,” said Kerri, in reference to FCCB’s seventh location (Durango). “When you see that your bank is growing, it means Farmington is growing, and that we’re sticking around. It’s all cyclical, and reassuring to see that.”  

Big Red Tool Inc. logo   Wellcheck of Farmington Inc. logo

Big Red Tool, Inc. and Wellcheck of Farmington, Inc.

2010 San Juan Blvd. | Farmington, NM 87401



You have your choice. We have character.

Rochester Hotel & Leland House

Built with character.  

For the last 25 years, Rochester Hotel and Leland House have been known for its luxury accommodations, offered in the spirit of the southwest. Inspired by the historic renovation opportunity, mother-son team Diane Wildfang and Kirk Komick, purchased and began restoration of the Leland House in 1993, alongside the Second Avenue historic renewal project. The restoration of the 1892 boarding and later half-way house now features displays of western movies that were filmed in the Durango area. Kirk jumped at the chance to fuel his passion for hosting guests and acquainting travelers with the area, while showcasing films like Ticket to Tomahawk, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Around the World in 80 Days, and others.

Located just off the beaten path, the bed and breakfast provides guests with a full, made-to-order breakfast (with seating available in the adjacent Secret Garden), cruiser bikes, close proximity to Main Avenue and downtown Durango, and excellent customer service. “We’re also hosting Community Concerts in the Secret Garden again this year, each night benefitting a different local non-profit organization,” said Kirk. “A different band represents a new group each Wednesday evening throughout the summer from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m.”

We’ve got character.

Kirk feels banking with FCCB has allowed him the freedom to direct his focus on hospitality. “Four Corners Community Bank has made everything really easy for us. I have confidence knowing that my business is solid, allowing me to focus on being a better inn-keeper,” he said. “I think of my bank as my partner, and find it comforting to have a strong and local banking relationship.”

Kirk and Diane work with FCCB’s Durango Market President, Shawn Candelaria. “We’ve known and worked with him for a number of years,” said Diane. “We know he cares about our success. He’s really on top of things.” Kirk and Diane also value working with a locally-owned bank, and site having been friends with the Anesi family for 25 years. (Greg Anesi is FCCB’s board vice chairman.)

“Banking with FCCB has been wonderful. They have great customer service and staff, are always really friendly, and very responsive to our needs,” said Kirk. “We love online banking and find their services to be simplified, consumer-friendly, and technologically advanced.” 

Rochester Hotel and Leland House logo

726 East 2nd Avenue | Durango, CO 81301

970.385.1920 |


Big lending power. Small town trust.

Process Equipment and Service Company (PESCO)


Since 1970, the Rhodes family has designed, manufactured, distributed, and serviced solutions for the oil and gas industry worldwide. “Companies can present their well conditions to us and we’ll tailor a solution for them,” said PESCO President and CEO Kyle Rhodes.

PESCO came to Four Corners Community Bank during the oil and gas downturn, at which time PESCO leadership made the decision to retain as much staff as possible; they wanted to be prepared when conditions improved. “Four Corners Community Bank came into play because we needed a partner to help us when business ramped up in the oil and gas industry. And they really stepped up and became the partner we needed, working very quickly and efficiently,” said Kyle. “It was a good move for us. We should’ve done it a lot sooner. They understand the area and they understand who we are. It has turned out to be a very good relationship and we trust the leadership.”

Vice President Jim Rhodes believes the bank’s local directorship makes all the difference. “They’re local people with local knowledge. We know them and they know us,” he said. “They’re not controlled by some corporate office elsewhere. Decisions are made here.” Kyle, like FCCB, believes that character goes a long way. “Aside from her banking industry knowledge, I think [FCCB President and CEO], Sheila Mathews has strong values. She’s a strong values-based leader, is active in the community, and works hard,” said Kyle, who also feels strongly about being engaged in the community. “PESCO is successful because of everyone here, from the staff to the community.” Jim agrees, adding that family is at the heart of the business. “We’re about more than making money. It’s more about supporting our family and our community.”   

Process Equipment and Service Company logo

5680 US 64 | Farmington, NM

505.327.2222 |


Big lending power, small town family.

Johnny O’s Spudnuts


The Stowell family—including Kevin, Debbie, Scott, Kyle, and Anthony—opened Johnny O’s Spudnuts in August of 2016 to an overwhelming crowd of enthusiasts. A line of cars and people circled the building and continued down the street, all awaiting their own famous, fluffy potato-flour doughnut. “We didn’t expect the response to be as great as it was,” said Kyle, who sold 10,000 dozen spudnuts in the first week. Farmington residents from more than a half century ago likely remember the original Spudnuts which opened in 1946. Kevin and Debbie Stowell purchased it in 1975 and ran it for 15 years. “We grew up at Spudnuts,” said Kyle. “We used to have kids who took half-dozen bags on their bikes and sold them throughout the town.” The shop is still largely a family affair; the Stowell’s son, Anthony, manages the store. They continue to purchase the flour from the original mill in Salt Lake City.  

“Banking with Four Corners Community Bank has been amazing from getting us started to keeping us going on a daily basis. They’ve always been friendly, helpful, and supportive,” said Kyle. “The process to get us started was easy. We were always informed of what was happening. We could not have asked for a better experience.” In fact, Kyle says their experience with FCCB has been the best they’ve ever had with a bank-ever. “I don’t know that another bank would’ve taken the risk, but FCCB shared our vision and trusted us,” he said. “We were happy that the bank and the board could see the potential. I think it helped that a few board members remembered the nostalgia of our parents’ store.” 

Johnny O's Spudnuts logo

509 East 20th Street | Farmington, NM

505.258.4840 |


Funding wellness.

fb organics and Run+Hike


Fuel your passion. Fb organics opened in 2014 after owners and Cortez natives, Darrin and Melanie Dennison—who grew up accompanying their parents to health-food stores—moved back home from Midland, Texas. The name (which stands for flat belly) derived from their desire to stand out. “We wanted something that grabbed peoples’ attention, and allowed us to start a conversation about health,” said Melanie. “It’s about being active and healthy, fueling your adventure, and feeling great.” The store carries high quality supplements, vitamins, sports nutrition, organic, and non-GMO foods, along with health, beauty, and local products.   

“We try to carry the best products from the best companies. We take a closer look so we’re confident having them in the store,” said Darrin. “It builds trust, makes it an easy choice for customers, and promotes long term business.” Fb organics is popular for their smoothies, fresh-ground nut butters, bulk products, local produce, meat, eggs, and fresh food items from other area businesses. “Passionate people are behind everything in our store and furthers our mission to build community and offer the best,” said Melanie. The couple believes customer service is what sets them apart and generates a feeling of an independent, downtown store vibe. “We wanted to build a community store, and relationships with our customers,” said Darrin.

Darrin and Melanie embarked on a new endeavor, opening R+H—a trail running and hiking footwear, apparel, and gear store— on April 24, 2017 in the same shopping center as fb organics. They felt adventure equipment was a natural extension from the products that fuel the body. “The two went hand in hand,” said Darrin.   

Funding wellness. Four Corners Community Bank works alongside the Dennisons, providing personalized business and electronic banking services. “We believe banking locally is as important as shopping locally,” said Melanie. Darrin agrees, noting their personal value on strong service and shared sense of community. “The customer service at FCCB is awesome,” he said. “To walk into a local bank and feel welcome, and know the people makes all the difference. You lose that personal relationship at larger banks.” Melanie also feels FCCB offers competitive products, and frequently uses online and mobile banking. “It’s the best of both worlds,” she said. “FCCB is innovative and ahead of the game.” 

fb organics logo                                                                                                    Run and Hike logo

One West Main | Cortez, CO 81321                                                                   One West Main | Cortez, CO 81321

970.512.1200                                                                                                          970.570.5999                                                                                         


Big lending power. Small town rhythm.

AnnMarie’s Dance Academy


Since fall of 2013, AnnMarie Bean has offered dance instruction to children ages three to 18—from ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pointe, contemporary, lyrical, acrobatics, to webcasted lessons from a partner studio in California. She teaches combo classes for the younger dancers along with instructing a team that competes regionally. Four Corners Community Bank works in sync with its business customers, providing the support to focus on their own rhythm.   

AnnMarie became a Four Corners Community Bank customer when she opened the academy. “Everyone is so personable,” she said. “I’m always greeted and can get all my questions answered.” Aside from business banking she also uses QuickBooks for her bookkeeping. “It’s so nice to have my bank accounts set up within QuickBooks,” she said. “We don’t have to worry about balancing things out, because the money goes into my account automatically.” AnnMarie also uses the invoicing features available within QuickBooks in conjunction with FCCB’s bill pay. “It’s handy for my customers because the bill pay feature allows them to pay via direct deposit or credit card, and it’s good for me because their payments go directly into my account and is reflected in QuickBooks in real time.”

AnnMarie also uses FCCB’s fraud text alert service. She often purchases costumes online and was used to receiving alerts confirming their legitimacy. “The first time I got a fraud text alert for something I hadn’t purchased, it was for movie tickets in Minnesota. The second time for dinner in New York,” she said. After confirming the transactions were fraudulent, they were promptly removed from her account, and she received a new debit card within a week. 

AnnMarie's Dance Academy logo

1902 East Mojave Street | Farmington, New Mexico